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We are musicians.

The path that led us to the manufacture of our instruments is our passion to create and share. Our trips, the developments of handpans and intruments of the world inspires our fusion style, which combines music with other arts.
Everything in the universe has a rhythm. Everything dances, everything is music.

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Every concert is an invitation to be and feel through music and the fusion with different arts and knowledges. In the different projects in which we participate we explore ancestral sounds, rythms and classic and antique instruments of the world, organic loops and beats, electronic music. Every concert invites us to find ourselves, to sing, to be in our body through dance and free movement, to contemplate ourselves and co-create a collective pulse, a ritual. Actually we share regular concerts with group @circular in Buenos Aires, and with group @hábitat in Córdoba, Argentina.

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We give group and individual classes in musical exploration, improvisation and spontaneous composition. Classes can be face-to-face in Traslasierra (Córdoba, Argentina), in the city of Buenos Aires or online.
Some instruments that we teach are handpan, sarangi, bansuri, piano, singing and overtone singing, didgeridoo, among others.

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We carry out experiential retreats in beautiful natural spaces, contained by the silence and purity of Mother Nature. Each retreat is a unique experience where the dynamics and learning proposals are shaped and co-created together with the members of the different groups that are formed.
The meetings are accompanied by healthy eating, conscious walks in nature, word circles and music around the fire.
Some of the techniques that we share in experiential retreats are vocal languages ​​and rhythms, spontaneous composition, body percussion, relaxation and breathing exercises, interactive circular games, Indian musical scales, exploration of different instruments from around the world.

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