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We invite you to tour our workshop, our history and the way we develop our instruments.

Actually the AnaPanA workshop

is located in the hills of Córdoba, Argentina. After years of travelling around the world, while studying music, construction of traditional instruments and lutherie, we began hammering in 2012. 

Since we are located within a native-tree forest, the first step for us was to build an underground workshop that would responsibly minimise the sound impact on the surroundings (our tools can be noisy at times!)At our studio we work the alchemy of sound, bringing together tools of modern technology with ancient craft techniques. 

The first generation of our handpans was created near the end of 2014. We started experimenting with spinning and hand-hammered shells and even though we obtained great results we encountered limitations in each of the techniques employed. During the early days of the process we took in as much as we could in terms of learning, allowing us to delve into the details of how the instrument was being manufactured in different parts of the world.

In 2016, with the help of argentinean engineers and after spending time researching, hammering and contacting colleagues, friends and makers from abroad, we developed our own deep-drawn matrix.

Key elements in the manufacturing process are:

There are many methods when it comes to manufacturing a handpan, each being unique and leading to different qualities of the instrument. The handpan maker can obtain his own timbric style changing certain parameters in the development of the instrument and its vibracional arquitecture. In diversity life exists.
El handpan maker puede lograr su propio estilo tímbrico cambiando ciertos parámetros en el desarrollo del instrumento y en su arquitectura vibracional. En la diversidad está la vida.

Matríz de embutido propia

We are pioneering handpan makers in South America. Our shells are made using our own deep-drawn matrix which allow us to achieve optimal tension and regular thickness distribution when manufactuing each unique Anapana.

The manufacturing of each of our own AnaPanA handpans is unique and custom-made.

The scales, tonalities and frequencies all have different vibrational characteristics which have a profound impact on all matter, and a particular strong effect of human beings. 

A myriad of human emotions can be contained in a melody and a song. Moreover, there are many cosmogonies that revolve around the idea of music and sound being channels for connection. Pythagoras, Hermes, everything is vibration and all matter inhales and exhales, many anthroposophical concepts the universe thinking through the brain, and the music of the univere finding its way through the larynx while blood moves the heart, cymatics, Chladni, Theodor Schwenk, Hans Jenny, Emoto the forms of air and water, we are 80% water, waves and particles, quantum physics. We are vibration. 

At AnaPanA we believe that you can connect with the scale, tonality and frequency with which you resonate. 

We are here to help you throughout this process. 

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