Get to know part of the history of this visionary instrument.

In the mid-20th century the wonderful steel drum was invented in Trinidad and Tobago.

Even though there are still controversies about its origins, the evolution and development of the instrument were determined by the encounter between genius and history and the influence of native africans, among other cultural factors. 

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the handpan was a visionary instrument that spread quickly to other parts of the world. It gave birth to the first hang, created in Felix's Rohner and Sabina's Schärer workshop, owners of PANART, in Bern, Switzerland. The hang itself paved the way for the development of handpans. From then on, new manufacturers –such as Anapana Handpan– emerged in the world, developing and expanding the family of handpans, researching into new options, different materials and multiple manufacturing parameters.

We traveled the world for many years while studying the music of different cultures and the way of building their traditional instruments. Along the way we encountered the hang. In 2012, once we returned to Argentina, we began the development of our own sound sculpture, the AnaPanA Handpan.

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